• "Really helped with my thumb ligament damage, improving my range of motion and reducing pain. Also very friendly!"(Arun O'Sullivan, London, May 2019)

  • "We were unable to attend any of David’s clinics for personal reasons. David was amazingly accommodating by visiting us down in leafy Kent and at unsocial hours! He had been recommended to me by an esteemed physiotherapist who insisted that ‘he’ was the person to see. She was not wrong! David is the quintessential professional who’s empathy and truly caring nature put my 14 year daughter (who had extensive hand surgery plus revision surgery) immediately at ease. Also, David is a thoroughly nice guy!" (James McSharry, Physiotherapist, Manor Clinic Sevenoaks, October 2018)

  • "What an amazing man David is if you ever need hand therapy look no further. My hand was in a very bad way and David helped me so much he is gentle kind and a true professional." (Lawrence, London, September 2018) 

  • "David is a great therapist and his specialist service helped heal my wrist and avoid surgery!" (Alex, Great Portland Street, July 2018)

  • "I was lucky enough to have someone suggest I see David after breaking my finger. He saw me the next morning, gave me very professional and helpful treatment. His service really involved a personal touch and I’m happy to strongly recommend him to friends, family and strangers alike." (Roelof, London, December 2017)

  • "I'm 16 and I've just finished my GCSE's and David was instrumental in enabling me to be able to do so. Before I started seeing him, I was unable to type for more than 5/10 minutes without severe joint pain due to some sort of RSI, but with the help from a few sessions with David, I was able to complete over three hour (typed) exams. David's help ranged from very helpful advice on posture, positioning and breaks to giving me a personalised routine of stretches and exercises. Whichever aspect of this was more impactful, it resulted in the best result I could have hoped for and I have David to thank for that!" (David, London, June 2017)